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New: "Making A Murderer "
Part 2, Episode 2 on Netflix

Dr. Larry Farwell tests  Steven Avery
Brain Fingerprinting. Netflix Trailer.

 Newsweek Logo   reports:
"'Making a Murderer' Brain Fingerprinting Expert
Offers Ken Kratz Free Session:
'Put Your Brain Where Your Mouth Is.'"

"What Is Brain Fingerprinting?
How Brainwaves May Prove
Steven Avery Is Innocent"

"Kathleen Zellner's Best New Evidence
In 'Making a Murderer' Part 2"

Dr. Larry Farwell Brain Fingerprinting Test on
                  Steven Avery
Dr. Larry Farwell, PhD
Inventor of Brain Fingerprinting
Dr. Larry Farwell, PhD is the inventor of Brain Fingerprinting, a scientific method to discover the truth, identify criminals and terrorists, and clear the innocent with extremely high accuracy by measuring brainwaves. He is a Harvard graduate and former Harvard research associate. He invented the first brain-computer interface. He conducted Brain Fingerprinting research at the FBI, the CIA, and the US Navy. He patented Brain Fingerprinting, published it in the leading scientific journals, and applied it to solve major crimes. He has been featured on CBS, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, and news media throughout the world.  TIME Magazine named him to the TIME 100: The Next Wave, the top innovators of this century who may be “the Einsteins or Picassos of the  21st Century.”
Brain Fingerprinting:

Brain Fingerprinting:
Executive Summary

Dr. Farwell in London with SubjectDr. Larry Farwell, PhD

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TIME Magazine has selected
Dr. Farwell
to the TIME 100:
The Next W
ave, the  top innovators who may be
"the Picassos or Einsteins
of the 21st Century"

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     Dr. Larry Farwell testifies in court

Steven Avery Case
Farwell Brain Fingerprinting in the Steven Avery
Making a Murderer Case
on Netflix

          Dr. Larry Farwell Terry Harrington Brain

Terry Harrington Case 
Farwell Brain Fingerprinting Helps to Free an Innocent Man

Farwell Brain Fingerprinting
Ruled Admissible In Court

       Dr. Larry Farwell JB Grinder Brain
                    Fingerprinting test
J. B. Grinder Case

Dr. Farwell Uses Brain Fingerprinting to Catch a Serial Killer

London, San Bernardino, and Paris Terrorist Attacks
How Farwell Brain Fingerprinting can bring the terrorist masterminds to justice, catch the  terrorists before they strike, and prevent the next terrorist attack

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Dr. Farwell's
Brain Fingerprinting

Research at the
FBI and the CIA
and in

Detecting Bomb Makers

    Brain Fingerprinting test
                                      with eye Dr. Farwell's  new
Peer-Reviewed Publications

Brain Fingerprinting
Field Studies

         Brain Fingerprinting test Dr. Larry
Dr. Farwell  offers a
$100,000 reward
for beating a
Brain Fingerprinting test:
Here are the Results

           Brain Fingerprinting test
 Dr. Farwell's New CIA-Funded Counterterrorism Research
at the US Navy

Published in
Frontiers in Neuroscience

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New York Times

Truth and Justice,
by the Blip of a Brainwave

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   US News and World Report

         Truth and Consequences
Science & Ideas

Scientists are scanning the brain for traces of guilty knowledge

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Brain Fingerprinting Touted as Truth Meter

Google Scholar: Lawrence Farwell

Brain Fingerprinting science and technology are offered through Dr. Farwell’s companies,
Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc. and Brain Fingerprinting, LLC, and their authorized affiliates
worldwide.  These are the only companies affiliated with the inventor of Brain Fingerprinting,
Dr. Larry Farwell.

Farwell Brain Fingerprinting meets the established, published, peer-reviewed
Brain Fingerprinting Scientific Standards

Caveat Emptor
: A number of companies falsely claim to offer Farwell Brain Fingerprinting technology
and/or to be
associated with Dr. Farwell.  Dr. Farwell is not affiliated with these companies.
He does not
endorse their products or any technology that fails to meet the Brain Fingerprinting Scientific Standards.

The Axxonet BEOS system of C.R. Mukundan in India has also been marketed as "Brain Fingerprinting."  However,
it bears no resemblance to the genuine Brain Fingerprinting science and technology.  It is not based on the well-established,
published, and peer-reviewed science of Brain Fingerprinting. It does not produce the reliable, valid, and proven results
of genuine Brain Fingerprinting.

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