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Dr. Zahara Begum, Regional Vice President for India and South Asia

Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories,

                                                                               Zahara Begum

Zahara Begum is Regional Vice President for India and South Asia for Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc.  She is instrumental in establishing Brain Fingerprinting science and technology in the region.

Zahara Begum is an inspiring leader furthering "Unity and Diversity" in India and throughout the world. As a Muslim, she has called for Muslims to join Hindus in donating to construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Her successful efforts as a leader and advocate for peace, harmony, respect, love, and mutual understanding in India have been hailed by spiritual leaders of all faiths and social and political leaders around the world.  Her success has served to enhance India's reputation as a world leader in the pursuit of peace and harmony among the different religions, cultures, and nations of the world.

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