Dr. Larry Farwell Brain Fingerprinting test on Steven Avery in "Making a Murderer" on Netflix

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Farwell Brain Fingerprinting
In the Steven Avery "Making a Murderer" Case

New: "Making A Murderer" Part 2 on Netflix
Dr. Farwell tests Steven Avery with Brain Fingerprinting.  Netflix Trailer.

Farwell Brain Fingerprinting Provides Evidence
in the Steven Avery Case --
Featured in "Making a Murderer" on Netflix
Part 2, Episode 2

Dr. Larry
                                                          conducts a
                                                          text on Steven
                                                          Avery in
                                                          "Making a

Dr. Larry Farwell conducts a Brain Fingerprinting test on 
Steven Avery in Episode 2, Season 2 of the Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer"

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How Brainwaves May Prove Steven Avery Is Innocent"

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'I bet they're nervous': Making a Murderer 2's new evidence.

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Legal Information on Brain Fingerprinting in the Steven Avery Case

Steven Avery's Motion for Post-Conviction Relief
Filed by Attorney Kathleen Zellner

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